Northeast Graffiti Busters (NEGB)

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Bulky Item Blast

BIB is a bulky item pick-up program founded by NEGB to address illegally dumped items in our community.  BIB operates twice weekly, Monday and Wednesday, and picks up all bulky items including sofas, couches, mattresses, dressers, and general debris.

The BIB program would have not been possible if not for the generous support of the local Neighborhood Councils and generous business donors.   With the generous financial collaboration of these three organizations, NEGB was able to operate in the Pacoima community for two days weekly removing bulky items.  Because the bulky items are picked up locally, bulky items are picked up within hours rather than days.  Because the Department of Sanitation is understaffed and underfunded, NEGB has been able to supplement their work by picking up illegally dumped items, while the Department of Sanitation continues to support and pick up items that have been reported directly to their department.  

 NEGB would like to thank our community partners for their current and continued support.


Valley Economic Development Center (VEDC)

Pacoima Neighborhood Council

Pacoima Beautiful

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