Northeast Graffiti Busters (NEGB)

We are committed to removing visual blight from our communities!

Clean and Safe Program


The Clean and Safe Program (CASP) was established to ensure the physical appearance of busy business corridors and main thoroughfares are clean and free of trash and debris. 

 The three components of CASP are:

 ·      The use of sidewalk employee-mounted water-blasting machines (aka zambonis)  Employees drive on the sidewalk identifying trash and debris that are sucked up by the zambonis.   Other items that are too big are picked up manually.

 ·      Manual trash pick-up consists of an individual that physically pushes a cart along the corridor manually picking up litter and performing cleaning tasks including, but not limited to, watering trees, removing debris that the zambonis do not reach, emptying trash receptacles and replacing them with new trash liners.  Full trash bags are picked up by another employee and disposed of at a local sanitation yard.

 ·      Employees work with merchants and businesses to engage them as partners in the maintenance of the area. The purpose is to outreach to over 100 local businesses along busy business corridors.  Businesses are also informed of events and matters that involve the community issues.

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