Northeast Graffiti Busters (NEGB)

We are committed to removing visual blight from our communities!

Court Referrals
Arrival Time
You must show up at least 15 minutes early.  We operate 7 days weekly 6:00 am to 2:30 pm.  There are days, however, that you will have to show up earlier than 15 minutes.  To inquire about the best time to show up, please call our help desk at (818) 767-7711.  You must complete an entire day to receive credit. 

Court referrals can/should only park outside the parking lot.  Any vehicles parked within the parking lot will risk their vehicle being towed away at owner's expense.  There is plenty of parking on Glenoaks Blvd (near Sheldon Street).

You will need to bring your California ID or Driver's License along with your court-mandated paperwork.

Appropriate Attire
All court referrals must wear sturdy pants and preferrably long-sleeved t-shirts with shoes.  No sandals/thongs will be accepted. 

For more information
Please call our help desk at (818) 767-7711 or email us at

Northeast Graffiti Busters
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Sun Valley, CA 91352
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