Northeast Graffiti Busters (NEGB)

We are committed to removing visual blight from our communities!

Graffiti & Weed Removal

The Graffiti program is a targeted initiative by the City of Los Angeles to eliminate graffiti by implementing anti-graffiti methods.  For the removal of graffiti, the methods used are:   


  • Water-blasting and sand-blasting
  • Manual painting over graffiti
  • Manual scrubbing using wire brush 

The Weed Abatement program addresses visual blight with regard to weed and trash.  At least twice, and as many as seven times, monthly, NEGB collaborates with local Los Angeles City Councilmembers and other community-based organizations to organize and implement community clean-ups.  Through such clean-ups, as much as 2 tons of trash and weeds are collected on a monthly basis.

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