Northeast Graffiti Busters (NEGB)

We are committed to removing visual blight from our communities!

Our Programs
Our Programs

Northeast Graffiti Busters (NEGB) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation whose work entails graffiti removal, street sweeping, sidewalk cleaning utilizing state of the art vacuum and scrubbing units; refuse collection from receptacles situated along commercial corridors; and landscape watering, planting and related services for sidewalk trees and street median vegetation; maintenance of public signs and art elements; and bulky-item pick up.  

NEGB works with stakeholders, businesses, and community-based organizations to engage them as partners in the maintenance of the area. NEGB is designed to assist in removing visual blight and negative influences and to enhance the physical appearance of key commercial corridors and neighborhoods in the Northeast Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley to encourage business retention, new business investment and community pride.  NEGB is a vital part of the economic development of our communities.

NEGB's  excellent track record of removing visual blight in a timely manner has given us the distinction of being one of the most proactive non-profit organizations in the City of Los Angeles.

NEGB is made up of six programs that focus on the reduction and eventual elimination of visual blight.  

Following are the six NEGB programs: 

1...Graffiti/Weed Abatement Program

2...Education Outreach Program (EOP)

3...Clean and Safe Program (CASP)

4...Bulky Item Blast (BIB)

5...Community Outreach Program

6...Trash Elimination Program (TEP)

7...Tree-Watering Program

Graffiti and Weed Removal

The Graffiti program is a targeted initiative by the City of Los Angeles to eliminate graffiti by implementing anti-graffiti methods.  For the removal of graffiti, we implement the following methods:
  • Water-blasting and sand-blasting
  • Manually painting over graffiti
  • Manually scrubbing using a wire brush

The Weed Abatement program addresses visual blight with regard to weed and trash.  At least twice, and as many as seven times monthly, NEGB collaborates with local Los Angeles City Councilmembers and other community-based organizations to organize and implement community clean-ups.  Through such clean-ups as much as 2 tons of trash and weeds are collected and removed on a monthly basis.


Educational Outreach

    In the Educational Outreach Program (EOP) , NEGB is tasked with presenting anti-graffiti and neighborhood beautification presentations to 4th and 5th grade LAUSD students in Northeast Los Angeles and the   San Fernando Valley.   Each presentation has a duration of 45 minutes and addresses everything from available City of   Los Angeles services and grants, to the 3-1-1 call center.  Working with school principals, vice-principles and educational coordinators, important information is provided to children to sway them from getting involved in graffiti-related practices.  In total, EOP has the resposibility of giving presentations to 133 schools in the City of Los Angeles   .  

To schedule a presentation at your school, please contact Boris Rodas, Educational Outreach Coordinator at

Clean and Safe Program


The Clean and Safe Program (CASP) was established to ensure the physical appearance of busy business corridors and main thoroughfares are clean and free of trash and debris. 

 The three components of CASP are:

 ·      The use of sidewalk employee-mounted water-blasting machines (aka zambonis)  Employees drive on the sidewalk identifying trash and debris that are sucked up by the zambonis.   Other items that are too big are picked up manually.

 ·      Manual trash pick-up consists of an individual that physically pushes a cart along the corridor manually picking up litter and performing cleaning tasks including, but not limited to, watering trees, removing debris that the zambonis do not reach, emptying trash receptacles and replacing them with new trash liners.  Full trash bags are picked up by another employee and disposed of at a local sanitation yard.

 ·      Employees work with merchants and businesses to engage them as partners in the maintenance of the area. The purpose is to outreach to over 100 local businesses along busy business corridors.  Businesses are also informed of events and matters that involve the community issues.

Bulky Item Blast

BIB is a bulky item pick-up program founded by NEGB to address illegally dumped items in our community.  BIB operates twice weekly, Monday and Wednesday, and picks up all bulky items including sofas, couches, mattresses, dressers, and general debris.

The BIB program would have not been possible if not for the generous support of the local Neighborhood Councils and generous business donors.   With the generous financial collaboration of these three organizations, NEGB was able to operate in the Pacoima community for two days weekly removing bulky items.  Because the bulky items are picked up locally, bulky items are picked up within hours rather than days.  Because the Department of Sanitation is understaffed and underfunded, NEGB has been able to supplement their work by picking up illegally dumped items, while the Department of Sanitation continues to support and pick up items that have been reported directly to their department.  

 NEGB would like to thank our community partners for their current and continued support.

     Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach program is an integral part of building partnerships with community; including local and state government, residents, business owners, and community-based organizations. On a daily basis, NEGB reaches out to community members by disseminating important program information to the immediate area when a service provided.  Often times, community members are not aware that a City service was provided or who provided that service.  NEGB is able to fill that information gap by communicating the service provided and by whom.  It also gives an opportunity to establish and continue trust within a community. In addition, and in order to remain up-to-date on important community issues, NEGB attends local events and meetings. Subsequently, NEGB is on the frontline of our community by creating trustworthy relationships and is able to identify potentially hazardous issues to positively initiate change.  Essentially, NEGB has been the eyes, ears, and sometimes nose of our community.

Projects and organizations that NEGB has been involved with are:

  • Office of State Senator Robert Hertzberg
  • Office of Councilmember Monica Rodriguez
  • Office of Councilmember Nury Martinez
  • Office of Councilmember Paul Krekorian
  • North Hills Safer Cities Initiative
  • Keep America Beautiful
  • Pacoima Community Benefit Agreement Partners
  • Pacoima Beautiful
  • Pacoima Partners
  • Highland Park Neighborhood Council
  • Initiating Change in Our Neighborhood (ICON)
  • Valley Economic Development Center (VEDC)
  • Pacoima Neighborhood Council
  • Mission Hills Neighborhood Council
  • Foothill Trails Neighborhood Council
  • North Hills East Neighborhood Council
  • Annual Pacoima Fiesta
  • Annual Pacoima Pride Day
  • Annual Pacoima Christmas Parade
  • Valley Economic Development Center

Trash Elimination Program (TEP)

Communities within the City of Los Angeles have grown economically, socially,and politically. With this increase also comes increase in population, which leads to the possibility of additional trash along busy business corridors.  The purpose of the TEP program is to collaborate with Los Angeles City communities to fund this program and dispose of trash along busy business corridor. Visual blight has become an epidemic in our community and with only limited resources by the City of Los Angeles’ Sanitation Department, TEP will serve as a catalyst to address this issue and help
beautify Angeleno communities.

Tree-Watering Program

Northeast Graffiti Busters (NEGB) mission is to provide the communities of Northeast Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley with a visual blight-free environment through neighborhood beautification services.  As a very important part of the neighborhood beautification process, ensuring growing trees are able to grow to full term is important.  In some instances, tree saplings that are not watered on a regular basis at least every 2 days can have a tendency to wither and die.  Being that it is difficult and time consuming to plant trees, NEGB understands the importance of preventing trees from dying, so we established our Tree-Watering program, which waters sapling trees in targeted areas three times weekly.  Through the program, we are able to maintain our community main corridor streets with robust and flourishing mature trees.

This program ensures that our community corridor trees are maintained for our next generation to enjoy!

Using a 500-gallon tank and a pump generator mounted on a flatbed truck, a special nozzle is attached through which water is disbursed at 5 pounds per square inch. There are 500 trees that have been identified for watering. For the tree watering, an NEGB employee drives alongside each tree using a special nozzle extended outward toward the tree to water it for 20 seconds. Each tree is watered three times a week and receives 10 gallons of water during each watering. In some cases when trees, even though watered, still don’t seem to grow, a special time-released additive is used. Also, when needed, trees are pruned for optimal growth.

This program was generously funded by by local community partners and is implemented by NEGB.

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