Northeast Graffiti Busters (NEGB)

We are committed to removing visual blight from our communities!

Tree-Watering Program

Northeast Graffiti Busters (NEGB) mission is to provide the communities of Northeast Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley with a visual blight-free environment through neighborhood beautification services.  As a very important part of the neighborhood beautification process, ensuring growing trees are able to grow to full term is important.  In some instances, tree saplings that are not watered on a regular basis at least every 2 days can have a tendency to wither and die.  Being that it is difficult and time consuming to plant trees, NEGB understands the importance of preventing trees from dying, so we established our Tree-Watering program, which waters sapling trees in targeted areas three times weekly.  Through the program, we are able to maintain our community main corridor streets with robust and flourishing mature trees.

This program ensures that our community corridor trees are maintained for our next generation to enjoy!

Using a 500-gallon tank and a pump generator mounted on a flatbed truck, a special nozzle is attached through which water is disbursed at 5 pounds per square inch. There are 500 trees that have been identified for watering. For the tree watering, an NEGB employee drives alongside each tree using a special nozzle extended outward toward the tree to water it for 20 seconds. Each tree is watered three times a week and receives 10 gallons of water during each watering. In some cases when trees, even though watered, still don’t seem to grow, a special time-released additive is used. Also, when needed, trees are pruned for optimal growth.

This program was generously funded by by local community partners and is implemented by NEGB.

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